Buengo is an app that allows people to sell the stuff they don’t need anymore and donate the proceeds to good causes.

Launching March 1st 2018

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How it works

Add your item to Buengo
1. Sellers post things they want to sell in the app. Clothes, furniture, gadgets- anything- it’s all good.
2. Then they select the cause they want to support- there are loads.
3. When someone buys something they pay in the app and the money gets transferred directly to the cause. Easy.


If you’re a Seller…

…and you’re looking to recover some breathing space in your home, then selling things on Buengo is the best way for you to feel good about the things you sell.

Give your stuff a happy new home, avoid landfill, and at the same time support the causes you care about.

It’s a great way to contribute without dipping into your pocket.

If you’re a Buyer…

…and you’re looking online to bag a bargain, then you’re in the right place.

On Buengo sellers don’t receive a penny themselves, so you can be sure the person you’re buying from is there for the best reasons possible.

 The money they raise goes straight to good causes, so you get a great deal and also help those who need it most.

If you’re looking to raise funds for your Cause…

…then you’ll know always asking donors for money can be tiring for you and for them. However, with Buengo you’re not just asking them for cash (although you can do that as well), you’re asking them to help you while they help themselves clearing out the clutter they have at home.

People get to feel good raising money for your cause, and you get vital funding to continue your good work.

About Us

We’re a company that believes that doing good doesn’t need to be difficult. It doesn’t need to be just for those who have the time, the money or the conviction. We believe that everyone has the potential to make a positive impact on the world.

We have a broad range of backgrounds, from tech to fashion and individually we’ve worked with charities and non-profits for years. It’s that experience that led us to spend over a year dedicated to developing Buengo into something that empowers people to make a difference. We’ve got lots of great ideas of where we’d like to go from here and we’re working hard to get there. Help us do it.

Our mission at Buengo is to make it easy for people to contribute to making the world a better place while they continue living their lives.

Sound interesting?

If you’re looking to find out more then have a look at our FAQ where we’ve put a lot of the details. Otherwise you could follow us…

…or just get in touch- we’re happy to talk.