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Raise money by getting people to sell items and services and donate the money to you.


Engage with both new and existing supporters in a fun and easy new way.

How it works for causes

"Buengo provides us with an alternative way to help raise funds. We are excited about using Buengo and offering this new approach to our supporters"

The Bone Cancer Research Trust

Raise Money

Get people to sell the items they don’t need anymore and donate the proceeds to your cause. Sellers get to declutter and find new homes for the unused stuff they have. Buyers get a bargain from someone they can trust and you get to raise funds without asking people to dip into their pockets. People can even sell their skills or services for your benefit.

Share your stories

The Buengo News Feed is a place for charities, causes and supporters to share stories about all the good things happening in the world. Promote transparency with your supporters by letting them know about all the good things you’re doing and how their money gets spent.

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If you’re doing good things and you’re based in the UK then we’d love to see if we can get you fundraising on Buengo. Click below to apply. It’s free!

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