Charity Spotlight: Brink Productions

For this week’s #CharitySpotlight, we chatted to Lisa from Brink Productions, who provide music and media opportunities for young people throughout Manchester. Over the years they have worked with thousands of young people as well as running numerous events in Manchester (and they’ve even worked with some famous industry artists!)


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Lisa, Founder of Brink Productions Limited

Hi Lisa, tell us a little about yourself and your organisation

Brink Productions Limited offers music and media based projects focused on early intervention and alternative education through a creative medium. Brink’s projects impact on and contribute to reductions in the risk of exclusion by engaging Young People proactively in the planning, design and delivery of activities and services according to their needs.


What’s a day in the life like at Brink Productions?

I spend my time managing and coordinating the company – devising new programmes, running sessions, timetabling activities and everything else that needs doing!

brink productions

What is your personal motivation for running Brink Productions?

Kindness. I love supporting people and creating opportunities. Everyone deserves a chance in life.   


What is something that might surprise us about Brink Productions?

I fell into this work by accident. I organized a music panel whilst studying Popular Music and Music Management at college. I really enjoyed coordinating the event which led me to coordinate activities for other companies before setting up Brink. We have worked with numerous well-known artists and we have even taken our young people to New York and Rotterdam to collaborate with other artists.


brink productions

What’s your favourite thing about running Brink Productions?

My favourite thing about running Brink Productions is having the freedom to do what I am passionate about. Brink’s projects are so varied, that there is never a dull moment!


How can people get involved with Brink Productions?

We’d love people to get involved! Send us an email at or visit our website to find out more.


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