Charity Spotlight: Legs4Africa

Legs4Africa is an amazing charity which helps  amputees in Africa get walking again! We chatted to Fundraising Manager, Evie, to find out more about this incredible cause.


Hi Evie, tell us a little bit about yourself and Legs4Africa

Hello, I’m Evie and I work part-time as Fundraising Manager for Legs4Africa. We are a unique charity that supports some of the most disadvantaged amputees in the world.  In short, we pick up redundant prosthetic legs from all over the UK, break them down into components, and ship them over to Africa to get people walking again.


What is a day in the life like as Fundraising Manager at Legs4Africa?

Well, we have just moved into a new office, in the Estate of the Arts complex in South Bristol. It’s an old industrial estate that has been converted into artist studios by some very clever people. So, the day usually starts by wandering through the building past golden mannequins and cardboard palm trees and ending up in our room full of socks and prosthetic legs.

We’re a small team – I work part-time, as does Director Phil and we are supported by Tom, who is the founding trustee. Because of this, the job is super varied. My main task is to generate funding for our vital projects in Africa, but this isn’t so much about asking people for money, in my opinion, it’s more about updating people on what we have achieved together and making sure they feel like it’s a charity they are part of rather than one they just give to. I spend most of my time communicating with people who have donated money or prosthetic legs in the past and finding new people who want to help spread the word through campaigns, fundraising events and projects just like Buengo.


legs4africa amputee

What is your personal motivation for working at Legs4Africa?

I’ve worked with various charities and organisations both here in Bristol and overseas and I’ve always had a big interest in African development. But I think, for me, Legs4Africa really stands out as a charity that is doing things a bit differently. Due to our cause being a bit niche, we are determined to not jump on the same conveyor belt as many other charities. We aim to challenge the sector’s status quo by connecting with creatives, launching innovative campaigns and thinking outside of the box. It’s refreshing, and an exciting thing to be part of.


Can you tell me about someone who has benefitted from your work?

Yes – Alieo Touray, a police officer from The Gambia and all round great guy. He became an amputee after being run down by a car on duty and feared he would never walk again. Thankfully, we were able to provide Alieo with a prosthetic leg, given to us by a lovely donor who no longer needed it here in the UK. Now, Alieo is back at work, back riding his motorcycle and has even started building a house from scratch. Alieo also volunteers as Public Relations Officer at the Gambian Amputee Association – a group we helped to form that provides practical and emotional support for amputees across the country.

You can see a short interview with Alieo here:


legs4africa prosthetic leg

What is something that might surprise someone about your organisation or beneficiaries?

Legs4Africa is also doing its bit to save the planet…In the UK there is a policy that says prosthetics cannot be reused or recycled. So, all the legs that we rescue and send over to amputees in Africa would’ve simply been thrown into a big landfill site along with all your avocado skins.


What’s your favourite thing about working for Legs4Africa?

Everyone here has an open mind and is creative which means I can write fundraising appeals about egg and cress sandwiches and help run campaigns about hairy legs. And I can do these things while supporting a truly unique and worthy cause.


How can people get involved with Legs4Africa?

We’re always super happy to hear from people who are interested in working with us – check out our website for latest vacancies and opportunities or drop us an email at


You can support Legs4Africa on Buengo! Download the iOS app now and donate to their cause.

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