Got Questions?

How does Buengo work?

We’ve developed Buengo to help Buyers and Sellers interact with the common aim of supporting a good cause.

Sellers can sell the things they don’t want anymore and donate the proceeds to a cause of their choice.  They simply have to post the items they have for sale and choose to support an existing Campaign or start their own. When someone buys something they pay in the app and the money gets transferred directly to the cause. Simple!

As a seller it’s a great way to declutter and contribute without dipping into your pocket. 

As a buyer you get great deals and help those who need it most. 

As a non-profit you get vital funding to continue your good work without asking donors for cash.

How do I get Buengo?

Buengo is coming to the App Store and Google Play very soon, and it’s completely free to download. Stay tuned! 

How does Buengo make money?

Buengo is free to use, we only charge the cause a small percentage of all the money raised through sales at the end of the campaign, just 5%. (This fee doesn’t apply to direct donations).

This covers the cost of what goes on behind the scenes: development of Buengo, continual support for all Buengo users, operational costs and overheads. We’re essentially offering the same service as a charity shop, but online. In physical locations, the amount taken from sales can be as much as 20%, so in fact, when you support a Cause through Buengo, more of your money actually goes to the charity.

Which countries does Buengo operate in?

We’re currently only operating in the UK, but we’re looking to expand as soon as possible.  This means that at the moment, only causes and charities based in the UK can raise money with Buengo.

How does the buyer get their item?

Buengo offers a platform to bring together local buyers and sellers to support good causes. When it comes to delivery, we encourage users to make use of the Buengo chat to arrange it between them. 

Since Buengo allows users to find items near them, it’s often convenient for buyers to pick up the products. That said, we are aware of the benefits of providing a shipping service and are currently working on it. We promise!

Who can launch a campaign?

Anyone can set up a campaign as long as you have registered on Buengo. You can launch a campaign on behalf of a personal cause or on behalf of an organisation. An organisation doesn’t need to be a UK Registered Charity.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Have a look at our support portal or just get in touch.