We’re looking for a Marketing and/or Charity Engagement Co-founder. Is that you?

We at Buengo are super committed to our mission to reduce clutter and landfill and raise money for good causes across the world. Could you be? We’re looking for a third (and possibly 4th) co-founder that can help us achieve that by taking care of either or both of:

  • Leading the effort to get our message across to the general public. This covers everything from help setting the strategy of where we need to go with Buengo to the nitty-gritty of PR and online and offline marketing.
  • Helping us get charities and other good causes onboard and actively fundraising on the platform. This involves engaging with charities and cajoling them to commit time and resources to make Buengo a successful fundraising stream for themselves.

As well as strongly believing in what we at Buengo are trying to do you’d need to be someone who has demonstrable skills and experience in delivering either or both of the above for an early-stage startup such as Buengo. In return we can offer you a decent share in the company that’s delivering truly a global change for Good.

Interested? Then drop us an email at hello@buengo.com or give us a ring on 0208 144 4420 and let’s have a first chat.

Let’s do this!