10 Ways Buying Second-Hand Makes You Feel Great

As you might imagine, we’re pretty big fans of second-hand shopping here at Buengo HQ. It’s better for the environment, you get a great quality item for a fraction of the price AND (if you buy something on Buengo) you’re helping out a great cause too. But there are so many more ways buying second-hand makes you feel great, so here are our top ten:


buying second hand

1. You’re getting a good deal

Second-hand shopping is a great way to pick up a bargain. Most items are in great condition or even new, and you can save yourself some serious cash.


2. It’s a more sustainable way to shop

By not buying something brand new, you’re reducing waste (check out our top tips for reducing your plastic use here). Your second-hand purchase may otherwise have ended up in landfill and you’re saving on all that extra packaging that comes with buying something new.


3. You can put your own stamp on something

Finding something that isn’t in perfect condition is a great excuse to get creative. Whether you’ve bagged yourself some old furniture that can be upcycled or you’ve bought an old piece of clothing that needs some style changes, buying second-hand is a great way to transform something unwanted into something stylish and unique.


buying second hand diy

4. You get more for your money

Buying a second-hand item often means that you get a higher quality item than with comparatively priced goods (and that means more money left over for other second-hand treats!)


5. You can find weird and wonderful new things

Some of our greatest treasures are often found in thrift stores or on second-hand sites. Discover items that you’d never find in a mainstream shop, for a fraction of the price.


6. You’re helping the little guy

We’re often drawn to big brands because of their convenience, but by buying second-hand you’re helping the little guy. Better still, if you buy your second-hand goods on Buengo, the proceeds from the sale will go to a good cause.


7. It’s a cost-effective way to start a new hobby

Remember a time in your life when you spent a fortune on equipment for a new hobby and then gave up shortly after? Us too. If you’re thinking about trying something new and need to get kitted out, buying second-hand stuff is a great way not to break the bank before you’ve even decided if it’s your thing.


buying second hand guitar

8. You’re making new connections

When you buy something from a second-hand seller, you’re making a new connection. At Buengo, we’re all about fostering links in the local community – which is why we make it so easy to search for items near you. Buying second-hand is a much more personal experience.


9. You’re promoting slower consumerism

We get through stuff pretty quickly. That on-trend jumper you bought last year probably hasn’t even made it out of the wardrobe this season, are we right? We’re constantly buying new things and letting what we already have go to waste. By buying second-hand you’re putting a stop to the whirlwind of consumerism and giving an item a new lease of life


10. You still get that same retail therapy buzz

You really do, we promise.


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