5 Quick Ways To Do Good For Busy People

When it seems like you’re getting busier and busier by the day simple acts of kindness and giving back to your local community can be low on the list of priorities. But never fear! There are loads of little good things happening that you can involved with that won’t take up an afternoon or even an hour of your precious time.


1. Give blood

Giving blood costs nothing, and it makes a huge difference. Chances are, you can find somewhere to donate during your lunch break, so no excuse for busy people. You can find out where to give blood on the NHS website.


2. Donate things you no longer need

Had a clear-out and now have a big pile of stuff that you need to get rid of? Donate it on Buengo and choose a cause that means something to you to donate the proceeds to. All you need to do is take a quick picture, write a description and share it on Facebook. You’ll have a buyer in no time, and you’ll have made a donation to a good cause while decluttering at the same time.


3. Use your voice

Our voices are one of the most powerful tools we have when it comes to doing good, yet we rarely use them. Sharing something you see on Facebook or signing a petition is a wonderful way to do some good. The Buengo News Feed is a great way to start – a place for people to share stories about people doing good things.


4. Make the most of workplace giving

Many employers offer workplace giving that their staff don’t even know about. They will match your donation, meaning your chosen cause gets double the amount without you even lifting a finger.


5. Use your smartphone for good

DreamLab is an incredible little smartphone app that fights against cancer while you sleep. All you have to do is remember to turn it on before you go to bed, and it’ll use the power from your smartphone to run a supercomputer figuring out better ways to fight cancer, very impressive.


Ready to join the place where good things happen? Download Buengo now.

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