5 Reasons You Should Give Away Your Books Once You’ve Read Them

Many a bibliophile can identify with a book-hoarder. Shelves at home stuffed with books that have stayed unopened for years, with no plans to revisit in the near future. Passing on books can be hard – your shelves say a lot about you, after all. But ask yourselves, don’t those poor forgotten books deserve a new lease of life?

Passing on books can be a painful experience for a bibliophile, so here are five great reasons to donate books you’ve finished:

1. You’re passing on your favourite stories for others to read

Donating your old books is more than just passing on an unused item – you’re passing on a story. Whether it’s books your children enjoyed reading, or a novel that you read on a special holiday, giving away books feels good because you hope others will get the same enjoyment out of them.


walled bookshelves with neatly stacked books

2. Decluttering will make you happier

Most of our bookshelves don’t look like the carefully curated collection we see in magazines. It’s a known fact that decluttering makes you feel calmer and more in control, and this definitely applies to your bookshelves.

3. It’s more environmentally friendly

By encouraging second-hand selling of books, you’re saving paper and the environment, can’t argue with that.


donate your old books - man sat on chair with paper and books flying around

4. You’ll have more space for new books

Okay so I know this one kind of contradicts number 2… Buuut, by clearing out unused books, you can kiss goodbye to that guilty “I’ve already got too many at home” next time you’re at the bookshop.

5. You’re helping a good cause

By donating your books, you’re not only passing on stories to a new home, but you’re also supporting a good cause. By selling your unused books on Buengo, you can decide which charity or cause you’d like to help, and receive updates about how the money raised is making a difference.


Ready to donate your old books? Download Buengo from the App Store or Google Play Store and post your books for sale within minutes!

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