So, you want to donate but don’t know where to start…


There are thousands of charities that support every cause imaginable.

There’s a lot of them but only one of you.

So, how do you chose a charity to donate to? Also, what should you ask yourself before investing?

The first step is to choose a category that interests you. This can be something that you’re passionate about, like cancer research or sustainable fashion, or it can be completely random!

Once you’ve figured that out, search charities supporting that interest. Pick about 5-10 charities that stand out.

Having trouble? Use Charity Choice in order to find a charity suitable for you!

Next is research. Research every single charity in your list, and make sure they are legitimate!

Read the charity’s ‘About’ page. A quick Google search won’t hurt! See if your charity was in the news lately and if it was in the news for good reason.

Charity Commission’s search engine is another great tool to search for and to legitimize a charity. A few clicks and you will know how much the charity makes, how much it spends and who is on the trustee board.

What to ask yourself:

  1. Is this charity sponsored? If so, who sponsors them? Am I O.K. with those sponsors?
  2. Is this charity a sponsor? If so, who do they sponsor?
  3. What are the services this charity provides? Do they act upon these services?
  4. How much of my donation will go towards the actual cause?

Check out this list of 15 charities you can support. All of these are registered with Buengo!

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