To Keep or to Part? How to Know When to Let Go

As a self-proclaimed hoarder, I understand the difficulty in knowing what to keep or give away. Yes, I may not have worn that dress since year 11 prom… but it would be perfect for a friend’s brother’s wedding! You can find a justification to keep anything, but that doesn’t mean you have a reason to keep everything. The good news is that the things that no longer have reason in your life may have reason in someone else’s – and can help a worthy cause along the way! Here are some helpful questions to ask yourself when deciding what’s worth cherishing and what’s better off on Buengo:


When was the last time you used it?

The general consensus on this is that if you haven’t used it in six months, it’s time to give it a new home. If it’s been over a year, it’s definitely time to sell it on Buengo. It’s evidently not something necessary to your month to month, and definitely not part of your day to day, so why not free up the space? Better yet, you can do so while helping a worthy cause!

When is the next time you will use it?

As someone who loves clothes, I understand the concept of seasonal style, so future value is very important to consider. However, if you can’t foresee a reason to use it within the next six months, chuck it. Don’t fight on this one, another six months is already generous!


How many purposes does it serve?

A great way to decrease clutter in your home is to have things that serve multiple purposes. You can have multiple “things” while only reserving space for one. The more you can use it the more justification to keep it. We’re all guilty of keeping things that only serve one purpose and spend the majority of their lives at the back of the cupboard…

If you saw it in the shop right now, would you buy it?

This is a great test to see both how much you want the item and how much you need it. Truly consider passing by a store and seeing the item at question in the window display. Do you stop to consider? Run right in? Or would you walk right by? It may not catch your attention, but it may catch that of a fellow Buengo user.


Does it truly add to your happiness?

It’s easy to let things pile up. Just as easy as it is to stop enjoying something as time goes on. Trends fade, styles change and its totally fine to change your opinion on things. If something doesn’t give us a similar warm feeling as it did when we first got it, it’s most likely time for it to go. So give it away! If it doesn’t add to your happiness, chances are it will add to someone else’s.



No one said decluttering is easy, but Buengo can help – and for good! Not only will you feel better about cleaning up your space, but that you’re helping a worthy cause along the way as well.

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