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buengo for charities

Raise money

by getting people to sell items and services and donate the money to you


with both new and existing supporters in a fun and easy new way

Find Volunteers

keen to help you carry out your good work

“Buengo provides us with an alternative way to help raise funds. We are excited about using Buengo and offering this new approach to our supporters”

– The Bone Cancer Research Trust

Raise Money

by getting people to sell the items they don’t need anymore and donate the proceeds to your cause. Sellers get to declutter and find new homes for the unused stuff they have. Buyers get a bargain from someone they can trust and you get to raise funds without asking people to dip into their pockets. People can even sell their skills or services for your benefit.

Find Volunteers

Add your volunteering opportunities to the Buengo marketplace! Users will then be able to contact you directly about the role, or you can direct them to a webpage to sign up.

Add Virtual Items

Add virtual items to your campaign to give your donors a better idea of how their money will be spent! Virtual items can be anything your cause needs – from sleeping bags for the homeless to uniform and school shoes for a child in Africa, virtual items help you raise money for crucial items and supplies.

Share Your Stories

The Buengo News Feed is a place for charities, causes and supporters to share stories about all the good things happening in the world. Promote transparency with your supporters by letting them know about all the good things you’re doing and how their money gets spent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Buengo cost anything?

It’s completely free to sign up to Buengo and there is no subscription fee. For money raised through item sales, Buengo charges a 5% platform fee. It’s free to make monetary donations on the app. You can find more information about our fees here.

Do you have to be a registered charity to fundraise with Buengo?

No, all good causes are welcome to fundraise on Buengo.

Can I thank the donors?

Yes! You can send updates and thank you messages to everyone involved in your campaign.

Is there a website version?

We’re currently working on a web version of the app, watch this space!

Ready to sign up? It’s free!

Great! We’re looking forward to fundraising with you! Just register here:

or if you want to find out more then drop us an email at hello@buengo.com or click on the chat icon on the right.