School Fundraising With Buengo

Looking for a new way to raise funds for a school project?

Running a Buengo Buy & Sell is an easy and fun way to raise money for your cause! By asking your school community to post items for sale, you’re providing a new and innovative alternative to traditional fundraising methods. Rather than asking for money,  supporters can sell an item in the app and donate the proceeds to your cause – so they can help out without even dipping into their pockets!

buengo fundraise

Create a fundraising campaign for your school project. Describe what you’re raising money for and add some images – it only takes a couple of minutes to set up!

Add your item to Buengo

Ask pupils and parents to have a declutter at home and post any items they no longer need on the app.

buengo in the workplace - post an item for sale

Promote your campaign! When someone buys something, they pay in the app and the money gets transferred directly to your cause.

“Buengo is such a fun idea for school fundraising! We love that it provides a way for parents to donate without asking for cash.”

Ready to start raising funds for your school?

Great! First, register your school on Buengo…

…and let’s get started!

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