Sell it for Honeywell

What’s Sell it For Honeywell?

It’s a virtual second-hand sale that will take place on the Buengo app at the beginning of the summer term. The proceeds of the sale will help support Honeywell Infant and Junior Schools. It’s a great way to fundraise for Honeywell Schools.

What’s Buengo?

Buengo is a buy and sell app with a difference. Whatever’s on the app is for sale for the benefit of a charity, school or other good cause. Sellers post items for sale, pick the cause they’d like to support and when the item is sold, all the money goes to that cause. It’s like a charity shop in an app.

How can I help?

We need you to put items up for sale on Buengo to support our campaign Sell it for Honeywell and help fundraise for Honeywell Schools.

What can I sell?

You can sell pretty much anything you like. Stuff you no longer need like clothes, toys, gadgets or household items. Businesses too can get involved and contribute items for sale. it’s an easy way for them to support as well.

Start gathering things to sell

Second-hand clothes, toys, gadgets and games. Everyone has SOMETHING they could contribute!

Download the Buengo app onto your phone

Click below to install the Buengo app on your phone. Don’t worry, it doesn’t take up much space!

Download Buengo on the Appstore

Post your items and spread the word

Fire up Buengo, add your items to the marketplace, choose Honeywell School as your cause and you’re good to go! Click on the share button to share your item or the campaign to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email! Remember, the more people that see your item, the more likely it is to sell!

Get ready for go live on the 29th April!

When the event goes live, your items will become available to purchase by anyone on Buengo. When someone buys your item, they’ll pay in the app and you’ll get a notification on your phone. Once you get this notification all you have to do is arrange with the buyer to get the item to them by messaging them through the app.

Don’t forget to buy too!

Have a browse through what everyone else is selling. You’re sure to find a bargain- and even better as it’ll be someone who’s selling to support a good cause too.

Thanks for helping us fundraise for Honeywell Schools!

Supporting UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools: Article 24 – (Health and Health Services) We have a right to a clean environment.