How To Crowdfund For School Projects

Crowdfunding school projects can be a daunting task, especially if you have never done it before. However, crowdfunding is actually one of the most simple and effective ways to raise money, and you might be surprised at how well it could work for your school.

One of the most common struggles for PTA committees is lack of parent interest – parents not wanting to volunteer at events, or even attend. Crowdfunding can be a quick and easy way to raise money without asking for any effort on the parent side. If you’re not sure if your parents would be happy to donate directly to a crowdfunder, why not ask them? A simple questionnaire to hand out at school could be a great way to gauge interest before you start.

If you think parents and pupils would get on board with a school project crowdfunder, we have some simple tips to ensure that your fundraiser is a success:


Choose the right platform

There are loads of great crowdfunding platforms out there but make sure you choose the best one for your project! The most important thing is that you look into their fees, as most crowdfunding platforms charge a percentage of what you raise – be aware that this will impact the total amount you raise. Consider the features that the platform offers – most platforms only offer simple monetary donations, but a few offer other features such as adding virtual items for people to buy, or sponsorship.

Make your project goals clear

Your crowdfunder will have plenty of space for you to write a description about the school project you are raising money for. It’s very important that you use your words widely! Crowdfunders with clear project goals are the most successful, so make sure you explain exactly how the money will be spent and why it is so important for the school.

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Give your crowdfunder a target

The ability to put a fundraising target on your crowdfunder is a great way to ensure you raise all of the money you need. This shows pupils, parents, friends and family exactly how much is needed to raise, and will affect the amount that people donate. Research has shown that people are more likely to donate when they know exactly where their money is going – transparency is key.

Add great photos

A big crowdfunding no-no is using the standard stock image – people want to connect with your school and the project! Using images of pupils and teachers (make sure you have all the necessary consent from parents) will have a huge impact on how much you raise. Remind supporters who the crowdfunder will benefit and why they should donate as much as they can.

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Ask parents to share the crowdfunder on social media

Everyone dreams of a viral crowdfunding campaign. Ask your parents to share the crowfunder on social media – you never know who else might be willing to donate! They can simply share your posts on the school’s social media accounts or share the link.

Promote, promote, promote!

So you’ve created your school fundraiser, but how do you promote it? There are loads of ideas in our downloadable School Crowdfunder Planning Sheet, but here are the absolute essentials:

1. Share crowdfunder on the school social media pages

2. Put a link to the crowdfunding app or website in the school newsletter

3. Ask teachers to talk to their class about it

4. Mention it in the school assembly

5. Ask parents to share it on their personal Facebook and Twitter

6. Share crowdfunder in parent Whatsapp groups

7. Ask the crowdfunding platform to share it on their social media

8. Get local press involved


The most important thing to remember with a school crowdfunding project is that they don’t fund themselves! Projects such as these take time, planning and effort, so make sure you can devote enough time to promoting your crowdfunder to ensure it’s success. Buengo is a super easy platform for crowdfunding, and we’ve developed it with schools in mind! Download the app and take a look, or drop us an email at and we’ll help get you started!


Ready to start crowdfunding your school project?

Download our School Crowdfunder Planning Sheet now!



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