How to sell an item on Buengo: The Item Guide

We created Buengo so that people could sell the items they no longer need and donate the proceeds to good causes. Posting an item for sale takes a matter of minutes – simply take a picture of it, write a description and choose a Campaign to donate the proceeds to.

If you’d like to support a campaign but you’re not sure where to start with selling an item, don’t worry! We’ve created this simple guide to give you a helping hand.

buengo sell it for good app

1. What type of items should I sell?

You can sell most things on Buengo, but if you’re stuck for ideas we suggest starting with clothes, toys, furniture and books that you no longer need. Take a look at our terms of service if you’re not sure if your item will meet our guidelines.


2. Okay I’ve decided what to sell, how do I post an item on Buengo?

Selling an item on Buengo takes a matter of minutes, it couldn’t be easier! Simply go to the Items Home or your Profile on Buengo and tap the + icon to post an item on Buengo. Then, fill out the required information and tap “Sell it for good!”.

3. How do I take good photos of the items I’ve decided to sell?

Taking good images of your items is super important (and easy!), make sure:

  1. You have a plain background
  2. You have good light (natural light is best)
  3. Your image is in focus
  4. You take pictures in a landscape format.
  5. You take pictures of the item from different angles (Buengo lets you upload up to four images per item)


4. What should I write in the item description?

Make sure you write a clear, concise description of your item. You need to tell the buyer exactly what it is and what condition it is in. They can ask questions by messaging you, but you’ll attract more buyers by giving more information about the item you’re selling.


5. How much should I sell my item for?

You want to raise as much money as possible by selling as many items as you can, so price your items reasonably. One of our favourite things about Buengo is that buyers trust that they’re getting a good deal. By pricing your items fairly we have a happier community and you have more buyers for your stuff! (Remember that the minimum price for a product on Buengo is £5).


6. How can I find out if people like my item?

Once you’ve posted your item, you can see how many people have favourited or viewed it by looking at the eye (views) and heart (favourites) icons on the Item Description. This gives you a good idea of how many people are interested in your item. If you’re not getting much interest, we suggest sharing the item on Facebook (just tap the share icon in the top-right corner) to attract more buyers. 

7. Can I edit the details once I’ve posted the items?

Yes, you can edit your item even after it’s been posted. If you get lots of messages asking the same question, it might be a good idea to add the answer to your description, or add another image to give people a better idea of the item’s condition.


8. How do I arrange collection of my item?

Buengo is all about creating links in the local community – we suggest arranging drop off or collection of your item via the in-app messaging system. (We know that it would also be really cool if we had some kind of delivery option, so we’re working on it – promise!)


Would you like help posting your item? You can contact us and someone from the Buengo team will be happy to give you a hand.


Happy selling!

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