Workplace Fundraising With Buengo

A fun way to engage your employees

Buengo is an app that allows people to sell the stuff they don’t need and donate the proceeds to charity. Declutter your homes, pick up a bargain from a colleague, and raise money for good causes all at the same time.

Add your item to Buengo

Create a campaign page for your chosen charity or choose one of ours.

buengo fundraise

Get your staff to upload items they no longer need onto Buengo. Your company can contribute items too.

buengo in the workplace - post an item for sale

Publicise your campaign to your staff! When someone buys something they pay in the app and the money gets transferred directly to your cause.

“Buengo is such a fun way to fundraise in the office! It’s easy to get everyone involved and raise money for your chosen cause.”

buengo in the workplace - office fundraising

What you do:

· Engage your charity (or pick one of ours)
· Get the word out to your staff to get involved
· Post any items the company is contributing for sale e.g. Spare corporate hospitality
· Energise your staff while the campaign runs

What we do:

· Provide an easy-to-use app that your staff can use to securely see your campaign and buy and sell items to support it
· Give you a dedicated point of contact at Buengo
· Support you with practical guides to successful fundraising including a Campaign checklist and suggested comms content

Fundraising with Buengo helps you:

1.  Raise money for your chosen cause
2. Drive a sense of community in your workplace
3. Creatively engage employees with your company’s CSR activities
4. Put spare corporate hospitality to good use
5. Donate stock and realise a tax benefit

Want to know more?

Call us on 0208 144 4420 or email and we’ll be happy to explain more.